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Enquiry Questions

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What is a Christian?

God is our ‘x marks the spot’ – the source of all treasure, of all things good, of love and peace and security and hope.

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How do I become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian can happen in an instant when you say ‘yes’ to following Jesus Christ – when you take the first step into the adventure. But like most adventures, the journey itself is a long one, in fact it’s a lifelong journey of growing in faith.

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  • About us

    Finding our Hope was born out of a desire to see people fully engaged in and dedicated to the pursuit of sharing the Gospel —the Good News of Jesus— to the nations.

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  • Need Help

    The Finding Our Hope website invites you to think about what you believe in, and how you feel about some of the big questions of life, and this can be upsetting sometimes.

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  • Our Projects

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    Our Projects

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    Get in touch with the Finding Our Hope team.

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