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We’re on the adventure of faith and we want you to come along, too.

Finding Our Hope is a website that seeks to help faith-explorers find out more about different aspects of the Christian faith through videos, blogs, and stories, as well as through a few different projects that do this in specific ways.

Who do you know who needs to step into the journey of finding their hope?

Finding Our Hope is a project of the Methodist Church. For more information about the Methodist Church visit

The three adventurers behind this website are Ali, Richard and Holly. They work for the Methodist Church and are passionate about the way their faith in Jesus Christ has changed their lives and can change other people’s lives, too.

Here they are to introduce themselves

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Hi, I’m Ali, and I find my hope in the world around in, my family and you.

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Hi, I’m Richard, and I find my hope in….

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Hiya, I’m Holly, and I find my hope in the unconditional love that Jesus offers all of us, even me.

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